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First draft of final lecture notes

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\title{CS6963 Lecture \#20}
\author{Robert Ricci}
\date{April 22, 2014}
\1 Review of topics covered
\2 TODO fill in
\1 Go through example of a nice report
\2 By no means perfect, but better than most
\2 Picked a reasonable number of experiments
\2 Good discussion throughout
\2 Directly addresses questions
\2 Final decision is clear
\2 But missing:
\3 Saturating link
\3 More thorough analysis for fig 3
\3 Proof of difference or lack thereof
\3 Fishy low variances
\1 You have until the 30th (midnight) to submit lab3
\2 Ask questions now!
\2 Remember that you will probably have to spend more time running experiments
\1 Wrap up, suggestions for next year
\2 What stood out the most?
\2 What would you do differently?
\2 What did we to do much of?
\2 What did we not do enough of?
\2 How was the balance between the book, papers, and labs?
\2 What do you see yourself potentially using
\2 Not using ever?
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