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\item[Data about distribution of web requests: Chaitu, Aisha] \hfill \\
We need to cause the client program to make requests according to some distribution of requests that is representative of that seen by real webservers - for example, what are the sizes of objects fetched, what is the time between objects being fetched, what is the ratio of data downloaded from the server vs. data uploaded to the server. As much as possible, we should use distributions gathered from real systems, so we should try to find studies, traces, datasets, etc.
\item[Data about distribution of client network performance: Junguk, Makito] \hfill \\
We need to model some network conditions between the clients and the server: what is their roundtrip latency to the server, what bandwidth do they have available, what packet loss rates do they see, etc. As with the distribution of requests, we should try to use distributions gathered from real networks, and should look for studies, etc. giving us distributions to use for these values
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