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Add template for scoring

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HW #1 Score:
Paper Analysis #1 Score:
XX / 10 : Submitted a PDF
XX / 10 : Ravindranath et al. HotNets
XX / 10 : Rhea et al. WORLDS
XX / 10 : Sherwood et al. OSDI
For each evaluation, points are assigned as follows:
One point for each of the nine parts of the evaluation:
Answer shows careful consideration of the paper and the
question: 1 point
Answer shows a significant amount of consideration, but misses
important points: 0.75 point
Answer is cursory, or makes critical factual errors: 0.5 points
Not answered or unsatisfactory answer: 0 points
One additional point for overall critical analysis
Point is awarded for identifying both strengths and weaknesses
in the paper's evaluation
Total score: XX / YY
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