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Lecture notes for Lecture 19

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\title{CS6963 Lecture \#19}
\author{Robert Ricci}
\date{March 17, 2014}
\1 Figuring out what the factors are that caused us to get different results. 2d grid:
\2 Results: DM, Reno w/o, Reno w/, Cubic (SACK doesn;t matter)
\2 Methods: Runs (Few/lots), method of launching clients (threads, client-side, server-side), controlling time (number of runs, size of fetch)
\2 Goal here is not to declare someone right and wrong, goal is to understand under what conditions we get different results
\1 Review:
\2 One run
\2 Three runs, five runs
\2 Turn on display of variance
\2 Turn display of mean CI
\2 Pick the number of runs
\2 Approximate test
\1 First half of a good report
\2 Intro clearly states goals---even though they are in the plan, it helps focus the report
\2 Followed procedure to pick the number of runs --- but did he actually re-calc confidence for all of them
\2 TODO: Figures 1 and 2
\2 Regional network conditions - one table, easy to compare,
\2 Discussion as we go
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