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Checkpoint of progress for final lecturenotes

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\1 Project status updates
\1 Review of topics covered
\2 Overall point of systems evaluation
\3 Providing data necessary to make a decision
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\3 Where are the boundaries?
\3 What is inside those boundaries that you are actually measuring?
\3 How to the SUT boundaries relate to a deployment environment?
\2 Evaluation should be a part of the research process
\2 Evaluation should be a part of the research and development process
\3 Convince yourself with data, not just bias
\3 Often need preliminary evaluations
\3 Understand the scope and limitations of your work
......@@ -33,7 +35,7 @@
likely to be
\2 Recognize the strengths and weaknesses in evaluations that you read
\3 Think actively about what you need to see to be convinced
\3 Look for biases or baisic mistakes
\3 Look for biases or basic mistakes
\2 Common mistakes in systems evaluation
\3 No goals or biased goals
\3 Ignoring significant factors
......@@ -53,17 +55,15 @@
\3 The closer you can get to ``experiment as function call'', the
happier you will be
\3 Keep track of everything
\2 You are running experiments all the time, the only question is whether
you are learning anything from them
\1 Wrap up, suggestions for next year
\2 What stood out the most?
\2 What would you do differently?
\2 What did we to do much of?
\2 What did we not do enough of?
\2 How was the balance between the book, papers, and labs?
\2 What do you see yourself potentially using?
\2 Not using ever?
\2 How about the book?
\2 Submission system
\1 For next time
\2 Weekly 3 due Friday midnight
\2 Papers 4 due next Tuesday
\2 Talks next Thursday (Anil Kumar, Jithu, George, Jonathon)
\3 Schedule a time to meet with me
\3 Any questions about what's expected?
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