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Handout for Lab #2

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{\titlefont Assigned:} \assigned \hspace{2em} {\titlefont Due:} \due~midnight\\[3pt]
{\titlefont Submission:} \turnin
\renewcommand{\title}{CS 6963 Lab \#2}
\newcommand{\assigned}{March 10}
\newcommand{\due}{March 13}
\newcommand{\turnin}{branch \texttt{lab2-submit} -- file \texttt{submit.pdf}}
Pick \textbf{two} papers that you would be interested in repeating experiments
You will \emph{not} be reproducing both; I want you to pick two as a backup plan
in case one doesn't work out.
For each of the two papers, provide:
\item Title and authors
\item Where and when published (papers must be published, not just tech reports,
blog posts, etc.)
\item A link to the full paper, or check it in to your repo if it's behind a
paywall, etc.
\item Which figure, table, etc. do you think is most important to reproduce; why?
\item A link to the code, or an explanation of how/why you think you can get it
\item What hardware resources you will need to repeat the experiments
(machines, network, etc.)---do you expect that there will be any special
requirements that might be hard to obtain?
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