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Add 'for next time'

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......@@ -101,6 +101,19 @@
\2 Want the spread of stddev to be constant across range
\1 For next time
\2 Start filling out your section in cs6963-lab1 repo
\2 Be careful to only modify parts of the .tex file for your section
\3 Unless you want to suggest a broader change
\2 Fork it, give your parter access, send me a merge request before
the start of class Thursday
\2 Check in any notes you create, reference papers
\2 You are empowered to make decisions
\2 Goal is to describe in sufficient detail that people can start
\2 We will try to finish up our plan by deciding what experiments to run
and how to present results on Thursday
\2 Need next two paper volunteers, let's get them out before spring
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