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\item What metrics might you use to compare the following systems? Your
response should be clear about the types of higher-level questions the
metrics would help you to answer. Don't limit yourself to the metrics
discussed in the textbook, and you may consult any sources you wish to
familiarize yourself with these systems.
\item Two routing protocols
\item Two wireless MAC layers (eg. 802.11, E-UTRAN, etc.)
\item Two block-level network storage systems (SANs)
\item Two network intrusion detection systems (NIDS)
\item You are tasked with creating a synthetic workload to evaluate a proposed
improvement to a mobile wireless network (such as LTE/EPC). Your goal is
to answer the question “how many additional users can the network support
with \textit{change X}, assuming that all other properties of the network
remain the same?” Pretend that you are allowed to ask the operators of the
network for any data you wish about the network's current workload
(including both aggregate statistics and full traces). What data would you
ask for, and what characteristics would you look for in it to begin
designing your synthetic workload?
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