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Commit 29703093 authored by Robert Ricci's avatar Robert Ricci

Scoring update for 2015

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Paper Analysis #1 Score:
XX / 10 : Ravindranath et al. HotNets
XX / 10 : Peter et al. OSDI
XX / 10 : Rhea et al. WORLDS
XX / 10 : Sherwood et al. OSDI
XX / 10 : Lim et al. NSDI
For each evaluation, points are assigned as follows:
One point for each of the nine parts of the evaluation:
One point for each of the eight parts of the evaluation:
Answer shows careful consideration of the paper and the
question: 1 point
Answer shows a significant amount of consideration, but misses
important points: 0.75 point
Answer is cursory, or makes critical factual errors: 0.5 points
Not answered or unsatisfactory answer: 0 points
One additional point for overall critical analysis
Point is awarded for identifying both strengths and weaknesses
Two additional points for overall critical analysis
Points awarded for identifying both strengths and weaknesses
in the paper's evaluation
For those that presented paper evaluations in class:
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