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Scoring rubric for Lab 1

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Lab #1 Score:
For all experiments, the following are evaluated:
a) Is the experimental methodology sound? For example, are the number
of runs selected properly, was care taken to avoid effects from outside
the system under test, etc.
b) Were appropriate indices of central tendency (eg. mean, median, mode)
and variance (eg. variance, stddev, confidence intervals, etc.) used?
c) Are the results presented in an appropriate and clear manner - eg. are
graphs well designed and readable?
d) If measurements are close, are appropriate methods used to show the
statistical significance of their similarity or difference?
e) Are the conclusions to be drawn from the numbers stated clearly?
XX / 10 : Experiment: timing sensitivity analysis experiment
XX / 20 : Experiment #1: Goodput and latency
xx / 20 : Experiment #2: Scaling
XX / 20 : Clear answers to all of the questions
Our plan had four questions to answer - are all of them answered
with clear answers that are supported by the evidence?
XX / 10 : Clearly presented conclusion
The report should include a clear conclusion that is supported by
the evidence ('it doesn't matter' and 'it depends on X and Y' are
suitable, so long as they are backed up with evidence
xx / 20 : Study artifacts
One of the products of the study was to be a repository that contained
everything necessary to reproduce the results found in the report.
This includes scripts to run the experiment, analyze the data, and
produce the figures in the report. Also included is a README describing
how to use these scripts
This score is based on how well the process is documented and
automated, not on a direct attempt to reproduce results.
Additional points may be deducted for deviating from the experiment plan without
a clear justification of why the change was made.
Total score: XX / YY
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