Commit 134c7cb6 authored by Robert Ricci's avatar Robert Ricci

Start on HW #2

parent 358f179b
include ../../Makerules
\setmainfont[Numbers=OldStyle,Ligatures=TeX]{Equity Text A}
\newfontfamily\titlefont[Numbers=OldStyle,Ligatures=TeX]{Equity Caps A}
{\titlefont Assigned:} \assigned \hspace{2em} {\titlefont Due:} \due \\[3pt]
{\titlefont Submission:} \turnin
\renewcommand{\title}{CS 6963 Homework \#1}
\newcommand{\assigned}{January 08}
\newcommand{\due}{January 16}
\newcommand{\turnin}{branch \texttt{hw2-submit} -- file \texttt{submit.pdf}}
\item Answer Question~1.1 from the textbook
HW #2 Score:
XX / 5 : Question 1
XX / 5 : Question 2
Total score: XX / YY
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