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More note about independence

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of the statistics; eg. sample mean
\2 \textit{When might your samples not be independent of each other?}
\3 This is key because a lot of statistical tests require iid variables
\2 Sampling w/ replacement vs. w/o replacement: relationship to independance
\2 You can multiply together probs. when independent, have to start using
conditional probabilities when not
\2 \textit{Why do we consider our measurements random variables?}
\2 CDF vs. PDF vs. PMF
\2 \textit{How do we calculate probability a value will be within a range?}
......@@ -45,6 +48,7 @@
\1 Mean, median, mode
\2 \textit{When to use each}
\2 Categorical: mode, total: mean, skewed: median, else: mean
\2 Additive (arithmetic), multiplicative (geometric), harmonic
\1 Covariance
\2 Measure whether two random variables vary together
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