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Start of lecture notes for Lecture 13

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\title{CS6963 Lecture \#13}
\author{Robert Ricci}
\date{February 27, 2014}
\1 What we decided last time:
\2 Remember, overall goal is to decide whether to use NewReno or cubic TCP on
our webserver, and whether or not to enable SACK
\2 SUT includes network and NIC, but not webserver or client
\2 Questions to answer:
\3 Which variant provides higher througput / goodput?
\3 Which variant gives lower delay?
\3 Which provides better fairness between clients?
\3 How many TCP sessions / clients can we support?
\2 Secondary things to look at:
\3 How many retransmissions are caused?
\3 What is the utilization on the server NIC?
\3 What is the interaction between the application and TCP?
\1 Things to decide for today:
\2 What metrics will we use?
\2 What are the parameters?
\2 Which ones will will vary as factors?
\3 How will we decide what values they should take on?
\2 What will we use as our workload generator?
\2 How will we collect measurements?
\2 What will our major set of evaluations be?
\1 For next time
\2 Read Chapter 14, linear regression
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