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added thread3_fn

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#include "thc.h"
#include "ipc.h"
#include "thcinternal.h"
#include "ipc_dispatch.h"
#include "thread_fn_util.h"
#include <linux/delay.h>
#include <awe-mapper.h>
static int add_10_fn(struct ttd_ring_channel_group* group, int channel_index, struct ipc_message* msg)
unsigned long result = msg->reg1 + msg->reg2 + 10;
struct ttd_ring_channel* chan = group->chans[channel_index];
struct ipc_message* out_msg = get_send_slot(chan);
printk(KERN_ERR "got to thread3\n");
out_msg->reg1 = result;
out_msg->msg_id = msg->msg_id;
out_msg->fn_type = ADD_10_FN;
out_msg->msg_type = msg_type_response;
send(chan, out_msg);
return 0;
static ipc_local_fn_t functions[THREAD3_FNS_LENGTH] = {
{ADD_10_FN, add_10_fn}
int thread3_fn1(void* group)
struct ttd_ring_channel_group* rx_group = group;
ipc_dispatch_loop(functions, THREAD3_FNS_LENGTH, rx_group, 1);
return 1;
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