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Commit 84dc50e7 authored by Ben Wojtowicz's avatar Ben Wojtowicz

Version 0.15.0: Added make requirement for polarSSL, common, pdcp, and...

Version 0.15.0: Added make requirement for polarSSL, common, pdcp, and security portions of liblte, more decoding/encoding to liblte_mme and liblte_rrc, NACK support to liblte_rlc, and many changes to LTE_fdd_enodeb (limit PCAP output, authentication vector support, HSS interface support, message parsers/senders and state machines for MME, RRC command messages, transmit functionality for PDCP, RLC, and RRC, and refactoring of user identities).
parent 231c7342
...@@ -1288,7 +1288,7 @@ void LTE_fdd_enb_interface::handle_add_user(std::string msg) ...@@ -1288,7 +1288,7 @@ void LTE_fdd_enb_interface::handle_add_user(std::string msg)
// Extract AMF and check // Extract AMF and check
amf_str = msg.substr(msg.find("amf")+sizeof("amf"), std::string::npos); amf_str = msg.substr(msg.find("amf")+sizeof("amf"), std::string::npos);
amf_str = amf_str.substr(0, amf_str.find(" ")); amf_str = amf_str.substr(0, amf_str.find(" "));
amf_valid = is_string_valid_as_number(amf_str, 2, 0xF); amf_valid = is_string_valid_as_number(amf_str, 4, 0xF);
if(imsi_valid && imei_valid && k_valid && amf_valid) if(imsi_valid && imei_valid && k_valid && amf_valid)
{ {
...@@ -388,7 +388,7 @@ void LTE_fdd_enb_mme::attach_sm(LTE_fdd_enb_user *user, ...@@ -388,7 +388,7 @@ void LTE_fdd_enb_mme::attach_sm(LTE_fdd_enb_user *user,
send_identity_request(user, rb, LIBLTE_MME_ID_TYPE_2_IMSI); send_identity_request(user, rb, LIBLTE_MME_ID_TYPE_2_IMSI);
break; break;
interface->send_ctrl_info_msg("rejecting user id=%u", interface->send_ctrl_info_msg("rejecting user id=%llu",
user->get_temp_id()); user->get_temp_id());
user->set_delete_at_idle(true); user->set_delete_at_idle(true);
send_attach_reject(user, rb, LIBLTE_MME_EMM_CAUSE_IMSI_UNKNOWN_IN_HSS); send_attach_reject(user, rb, LIBLTE_MME_EMM_CAUSE_IMSI_UNKNOWN_IN_HSS);
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