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    Changes for building/installing capture/console on control nodes: · fabd07a7
    Leigh B Stoller authored
    * Makefile changes to build and install nossl versions of capture and
      console on a rack control node (or more generally, a physical node
      hosting boss/ops VMs that are not built on our XEN49 image).
    * Add -I (insecure) option to capture, that listens on localhost only.
    * Add systemd startup files for capture on ops and boss, I tested these
      on Ubuntu18.
    Basic instructions:
    * Clone the emulab-devel repo to the control node.
      git clone
    * On the control node, install the libssl devel code:
      sudo apt-get update
      sudo apt-get install libssl-dev
    * configure and build capture. Note that the obj-clientside directory might
      already exist, you can just rm -rf the directory.
      control> cd ~elabman
      control> mkdir obj-clientside
      control> cd obj-clientside
      control> /path/to/emulab-devel/clientside/configure
      control> make rack-control
      control> sudo make rack-control-install
      control> (cd os/capture; sudo make rack-control-startup-install)
    * start capture.
      control> sudo systemctl daemon-reload
      control> sudo systemctl start capture-boss
      control> sudo systemctl start capture-ops
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