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Commit f9b00e9a authored by Leigh B. Stoller's avatar Leigh B. Stoller

In order to support wiki-only accounts, managed via Emulab, need to

send the password hash over in the ssh, instead of getting it from the
local password file.
parent 2cd8a8c2
......@@ -180,13 +180,14 @@ utime $now, $now, $lockfile;
# we use that. Otherwise have to form one from the user name. Ick.
my $query_result =
DBQueryFatal("select wikiname,usr_name,usr_email ".
DBQueryFatal("select wikiname,usr_name,usr_email,usr_pswd ".
"from users where uid='$user'");
if (!$query_result->numrows) {
fatal("No such user $user in the DB!");
my ($wikiname,$usr_name,$usr_email) = $query_result->fetchrow_array();
my ($wikiname,$usr_name,$usr_email,$usr_pswd) =
if (!defined($wikiname)) {
# In update mode, do nothing if no wikiname.
......@@ -247,8 +248,11 @@ if ($CONTROL ne $BOSSNODE) {
print "Adding user $user to the wiki on $CONTROL.\n";
# shell escape.
$usr_pswd =~ s/\$/\\\$/g;
if (system("$SSH -host $CONTROL $WIKIPROXY ".
" $optarg adduser $user $wikiname")) {
" $optarg adduser $user $wikiname '$usr_pswd'")) {
fatal("$WIKIPROXY failed on $CONTROL!");
......@@ -13,7 +13,7 @@ use Errno;
sub usage()
print "Usage: wikiproxy adduser <uid> <wikiname> or\n";
print "Usage: wikiproxy adduser <uid> <wikiname> <passhash> or\n";
print " wikiproxy deluser <uid> <wikiname> or\n";
print " wikiproxy addproject <pid> <wikiname> or\n";
print " wikiproxy setgroups <wikiuser> <wikigroup> ...\n";
......@@ -111,20 +111,13 @@ exit(0);
sub AddWikiUser(@)
if (@_ != 2);
if (@_ != 3);
my ($user, $wikiname) = @_;
my ($user, $wikiname, $passwd) = @_;
chdir("$WIKIUSERDIR") or
fatal("Could not chdir to $WIKIUSERDIR");
# Grab the password hash.
my ($name,$passwd) = getpwnam($user);
fatal("No such user $user in the password file")
if (!defined($name));
# If the password file does not have the entry, just tack it onto
# the end of the file. Otherwise we have to get fancier so we
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