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Another fix.

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......@@ -7,8 +7,8 @@ Use this profile to instantiate an experiment using Open Air Interface 5g nr
to realize an end-to-end SDR-based mobile network. This profile includes the following resources:
* SDR UE (d430 + USRP X300) running OAI ('rue1')
* SDR eNodeB (d430 + USRP x300) running OAI ('enb1')
* SDR NR-UE (d430 + USRP X3x0) running OAI ('rue1')
* SDR gNB (d430 + USRP X3x0) running OAI ('gnb1')
Powder startup scripts automatically configure OAI for the specific allocated resources.
......@@ -47,16 +47,16 @@ or
###Running OAI
The Open Air Interface source is located under /opt/oai on the enb1
The Open Air Interface source is located under /opt/oai on the gnb1
and rue1 nodes. It is mounted as a clone of a remote blockstore
(dataset) maintained by Powder. Feel free to change anything in
here, but be aware that your changes will not persist when your
experiment terminates.
**For eNodeB**
**For gNB**
Log onto the `enb1` node.
Log onto the `gnb1` node.
Find the network interface connected to the USRP by running `ifconfig -a`
and looking for the interface with IP address ``.
......@@ -71,7 +71,7 @@ Then run the eNodeB software:
sudo ./nr-softmodem -O /local/repository/etc/gnb.conf
**For the UE**
**For the NR-UE**
Log onto the `rue1` node.
......@@ -169,14 +169,14 @@ pc.verifyParameters()
request = pc.makeRequestRSpec()
# Add a PC to pair with the X3x0 gNB.
gnb1 = request.RawPC("enb1")
gnb1 = request.RawPC("gnb1")
if params.FIXED_ENB:
gnb1.component_id = params.FIXED_ENB
gnb1.hardware_type = GLOBALS.NUC_HWTYPE
gnb1.Desire("site-meb", 1.0)
gnb1.disk_image = GLOBALS.OAI_NR_IMG
gnb1_usrp_if = enb1.addInterface( "usrp_if" )
gnb1_usrp_if = gnb1.addInterface( "usrp_if" )
gnb1_usrp_if.addAddress( rspec.IPv4Address( "", "" ) )
# Add X300 eNB device.
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