Commit 7b721e13 authored by Jincao Zhu's avatar Jincao Zhu


parent 243588df
......@@ -35,6 +35,12 @@ on 'rue1'
sudo /local/repository/bin/
To disable ue software scope, just remove "-d" of following line in file /local/repository/bin/
screen -c $OAIETCDIR/enb.screenrc -L -S ue -h 10000 /bin/bash -c "sudo $ENBEXEPATH -U -C 2680000000 --ue-txgain 85 --ue-rxgain 90 --ue-scan-carrier -r50 -E --phy-test -d"
This will stop currently running OAI enb/ue service, start enb/ue service
again in a new screen session, and then show OAI processes on 'enb1'/'rue1'.
You can detach the sesseion by ctrl-a d.
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