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......@@ -31,6 +31,10 @@ Running enb service on 'enb1':
It will first load `nasmesh.ko` and set up oai0 interface, it will have IP address netmask
After starting the enb service you will see following logs:
on 'rue1':
$ sudo /local/repository/bin/
......@@ -39,6 +43,13 @@ It will first load `nasmesh.ko` and set up oai0 interface, it will have IP addre
This will stop currently running OAI enb/ue service, start enb/ue service
again in a new screen session, and then show OAI processes on 'enb1'/'rue1'.
After the UE connected to the enb you are able to see following logs:
You can detach the sesseion by ctrl-a d.
After detach, you can pull up and monitor the OAI
......@@ -46,12 +57,28 @@ processes on the `rue1` and `enb1` nodes. Execute `sudo screen -ls` to
see what sessions are available. The commands for controlling services
on these nodes are located in `/local/repository/bin`.
You can also enable DL scope ue by add '-d' at the end of line
"screen -c $OAIETCDIR/enb.screenrc -L -S ue -h 10000 /bin/bash -c "sudo $ENBEXEPATH -U -C 2680000000 --ue-txgain 85 --ue-rxgain 90 --ue-scan-carrier -r50 -E --phy-test -d"
in file '/local/repository/bin/ue.start.s'.
The scope will looks like this:
And stats:
OAI is a project that is in development. As such, it is not always
stable and there will be times when it gets into a failed state that
it can never recover from. Almost always, you will be able to bring
things back by either rebooting the experiment from the portal or
restarting the services by hand from the command line.
# Notes
MCS is hardcoded in 'eNB_scheduler_phytest.c'.
# Change
For more detailed information:
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