Commit d33c23b6 authored by Josh Kunz's avatar Josh Kunz

Moves the old into the new client directory.

parent 2cac5cf0
open String
open Unix
let string_for_char_list cs =
let s = String.create (List.length cs) in
let rec fills s cl i =
match cl with
| [] -> s;
| c :: cs ->
s.[i - 1] <- c;
(* Write the characters bacwards because they're reversed *)
fills s cs (i - 1); in
fills s cs (List.length cs);;
let input_string ch =
let rec input_all_chars ch buf =
let c = input_char ch in
input_all_chars ch (c :: buf);
with End_of_file -> buf in
input_all_chars ch [] |> string_for_char_list;;
exception Terminated_abnormally
let pdf_for_dot graph =
let (proc_out, proc_in) = Unix.open_process "dot -Tpdf" in
output_string proc_in graph;
flush proc_in;
close_out proc_in;
let pdf = input_string proc_out in
match Unix.close_process (proc_out, proc_in) with
| WEXITED i -> (i, pdf)
| _ -> raise Terminated_abnormally;;
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