Commit 277656b4 authored by Josh Kunz's avatar Josh Kunz

Cleans up top-level makefile warning message.

parent fc81e86a
.PHONY: clean libs default
.PHONY: clean libs
libsrc = libs
build = $(libsrc)/_scratch
libsrc = lib
srvsrc = server
clisrc = client
@echo "****************** Error ********************"
@echo "It looks like you haven't set up the required"
@echo "libraries yet (missing $(libsrc)/jsonm.cma)."
@echo "libraries yet (missing $@)."
@echo "You can build them by running:"
@echo " $$ make libs"
@echo "From the root of the repository. This is split"
@echo "into a seperate command because it clones"
@echo "repositories off of the internet by running:"
@echo " $$ git submodule init"
@echo " $$ git submodule update"
@echo " $$ make libs"
$(MAKE) -C $(libsrc) jsonm.cma
git submodule init
git submodule update
$(MAKE) -C $(libsrc) libs
$(MAKE) -C $(libsrc) clean
$(MAKE) -C $(srvsrc) clean
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