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First things first you're going to need is an OCaml compiler/interpreter. You
can usually obtain this using your OS's package manager. For example, on OSX
you can run `brew install ocaml`, or on Debian based Linux distros you can run
`apt-get install ocaml`.
you can run `brew install ocaml`, or on Debian based Linux distros
(for example Ubuntu) you can run `apt-get install ocaml`.
To make naga, simply run the 'make' command, and then invoke the generated
'naga' program.
To build naga, you first need to retrieve and build its dependencies.
Since these are handled with git submodules, it's fairly easy to do:
$ git submodule init
$ git submodule update
$ make libs
Then, you just have to run make to build the naga server program `nagad`:
$ make
$ ./naga
When invoked, the NAGA binary will start a command oriented REPL, you can
see the list of commands from within the REPL by running `help.` from
within the REPL. Complete documentation of the REPL language is given in the
following section.
You can provide Naga with an input file that will be executed with the use
of the interactive REPL with the `-f` switch:
$ ./naga -f input.naga
$ ./nagad
# Documentation
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