Commit 6fc489e4 authored by Pankaj Kumar's avatar Pankaj Kumar

Added Initial libcap grant file

parent 33293c86
......@@ -747,7 +747,7 @@ int __lcd_cap_grant(struct cspace *cspacesrc, cptr_t c_src,
* Look up source
ret = __lcd_cnode_get(cspacesrc, c_src, &cnodesrc);
ret = __lcd_cnode_get(cspacesrc, c_src, false, &cnodesrc);
if (ret) {
LCD_ERR("couldn't get source cnode");
goto fail1;
#include <lcd-domains/types.h>
#include "../internal.h"
* Regular grant.
* This function is used to grant the capabilities from one cspace to other.
* Suppose A and B have an ipc channel that connects them. The operating
* system (user of libcap) could provide the following mechanism for A to
* grant rights to B.
* A does an "ipc send" and stores a2 in a special ipc message buffer,
* and B does a receive and stores b2 in its ipc receive buffer. When the
* operating system sees that, it would carry out the grant
* using libcap library in the following way:
* 1. Resolve process A to cspace A
* 2. Resolve process B to cspace B
* 3. Invoke grant function in the library (libcap):
static int libcap_grant_capability(void *s_cspace, void *d_cspace,
unsigned long s_cptr, unsigned long d_cptr)
int ret;
struct cspace *src_cspace = (struct cspace *) s_cspace;
struct cspace *dest_cspace = (struct cspace *) d_cspace;
cptr_c src_cptr = (cptr_c) s_cptr;
cptr_c dest_cptr = (cptr_c) d_cptr;
if (cptr_is_null(c_src) || cptr_is_null(c_dst)) {
LCD_ERR("trying to grant with a null cptr");
return -EINVAL;
/* If we know source and destination cspace and corresponding
* c_ptr. Then we can simply use the functionality provided
* by the LCD framework
ret = __lcd_cap_grant(src_cspace, src_cptr, dest_cspace, dest_cptr);
if (ret) {
LCD_ERR("failed to transfer cap @ 0x%lx in lcd %p to slot @ 0x%lx in lcd %p",
cptr_val(src_cptr), src_cspace, cptr_val(dest_cptr),
return ret;
* Setting values of destination cnode based on src cnode.
* May be needed if such scenario exists.
static int libcap_try_grant_cnode(void *cspacedst, void *cnodesrc,
void *cnodedst)
* Set dest cnode's fields with source's
* Removed cdt part from LCD stuff. Assuming cdt is maintained by user.
((struct cnode*) cnodedst)->type = ((struct cnode*) cnodesrc)->type;
((struct cnode*) cnodedst)->object = ((struct cnode*) cnodesrc)->object;
((struct cnode*) cnodedst)->cspace = (struct cspace*) cspacedst;
((struct cnode*) cnodedst)->cdt_root = ((struct cnode*) cnodesrc)->cdt_root;
return 0;
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