Commit ff0fc2ba authored by David Johnson's avatar David Johnson

Add agg-specific route tables on server side in net30 multi-process mode.

(do this for the same reason as on client side; this would not be
necessary in the real implementation.)
parent 1f80c1c0
......@@ -237,12 +237,21 @@ persist-tun
status openvpn-status.log
verb 3
push "route $mlan_NETWORK $mlan_MASK"
route $agg_net $agg_mask
systemctl daemon-reload
systemctl enable openvpn@$node.service
systemctl start openvpn@$node.service
# XXX: do this in a script on server-side, somehow
while [ ! -f /sys/class/net/tun-$aggprefix -a $i -gt 0 ]; then
i=`expr $i - 1`
sleep 1
ip rule add from $agg_cidr table $aggprefix
ip rule add iif tun-$aggprefix to $agg_cidr table $aggprefix
ip route add $mlan_CIDR dev tun-$aggprefix table $aggnum
echo "VPNTYPE '$VPNTYPE' not yet supported; aborting!"
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