Commit 0eb8cdcf authored by David Johnson's avatar David Johnson

Server must install a route to the aggregate network via its privaddr gw.

Unfortunately this is static, and must be specified in the main conf
file.  Something dynamic might be nice...
parent c4923eba
......@@ -127,6 +127,16 @@ verb 3
push "route $mlan_NETWORK $mlan_MASK"
# For each aggregate network, add a route to it on the concentrator.
for aggprefix in $AGGREGATES ; do
eval "varname=${agglan}_NETWORK"
eval "agg_net=\$$varname"
eval "varname=${agglan}_MASK"
eval "agg_mask=\$$varname"
echo "route $agg_net $agg_mask" >> /etc/openvpn/server.conf
elif [ $VPNTYPE = 'bridged' ]; then
echo "bridged VPNTYPE not yet supported!"
exit 1
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