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    Optimizations and features for aarch64 default VM image. · 6324156d
    David Johnson authored
    We now have a prebuilt tarball that we download from boss, that
    has sshd, cloud-guest-utils, etc, preinstalled, to save time.  Use
    it by default.
    Also, create (at least) two images by default: trusty-server and
    trusty-server-multi-nic (which has support for up to 8 virtual NICs).
    Turns out Ubuntu distros have horrible support for "variable" NICs;
    if the NIC is listed in /etc/network/interfaces, the setup scripts
    will refuse to generate the right upstart event, which hangs the
    cloud-guest-utils init script for a long, long time.  So I've hacked
    a little service together that notes nonexistent NICs in
    /etc/network/interfaces and fires a fake complete event at the right
    time.  I didn't move this hack into the default image because I don't
    trust it enough.
    Also, create trusty-server first, so the first image is sane.
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