Commit f3921ff5 authored by David Johnson's avatar David Johnson

Use aliased names everywhere for Rocky images.

parent bd6e75b8
......@@ -657,14 +657,15 @@ else:
# XXX: special handling for ppc64le at Clemson because of special disk
# image names, and because only >= Queens is available for them.
# image names for UBUNTU18-64-STD and UBUNTU18-*OSC*-Q, and because only
# >= Queens is available for them.
if params.osNodeType == 'ibm8335':
image_urn = ''
if params.fromScratch:
image_os = 'UBUNTU18-PPC64LE'
image_tag_cn = image_tag_nm = image_tag_cp = ''
elif params.release == 'queens':
image_os = 'UBUNTU18-PPC'
# See above comment; we stopped generating OSNM images at Rocky
# for x86/aarch64; and at Queens for ppc64le.
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