Commit a9984064 authored by David Johnson's avatar David Johnson

Bugfixes: heat config tweak, plus grant heat_stack_owner to adminapi.

parent 11f43637
......@@ -2315,6 +2315,7 @@ if [ -z "${HEAT_DBPASS}" ]; then
__openstack role add --domain heat --user heat_domain_admin admin
# Do this for admin, not demo, for now
__openstack role add --project admin --user admin heat_stack_owner
__openstack role add --project admin --user adminapi heat_stack_owner
......@@ -2415,7 +2416,7 @@ if [ -z "${HEAT_DBPASS}" ]; then
crudini --set /etc/heat/heat.conf DEFAULT \
stack_domain_admin_password $HEAT_DOMAIN_PASS
crudini --set /etc/heat/heat.conf DEFAULT \
stack_user_domain_name heat_user_domain
stack_user_domain_name heat
crudini --del /etc/heat/heat.conf DEFAULT auth_host
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