Commit 6b9863fc authored by David Johnson's avatar David Johnson

Restart the ovs agent once more before reinstalling flows.

parent 8cb9f6a4
......@@ -263,9 +263,10 @@ if [ $OSVERSION -gt $OSLIBERTY ]; then
# add them.
service_restart neutron-ovs-cleanup
service_enable neutron-ovs-cleanup
# Wait a few more seconds to ensure the ovs agent is synch'ed up
# with the new reserved cookie...
sleep 8
# Restart the ovs agent one more time; something in its first-time
# startup doesn't catch the reserved/preserved cookies, and ends up
# wiping our flows.
service_restart neutron-ovs-cleanup
if [ -f /var/lib/neutron/ovs-default-flows.reserved_cookie -a -f /etc/neutron/ovs-default-flows/br-ex ]; then
cookie=`cat /var/lib/neutron/ovs-default-flows.reserved_cookie`
for fl in `cat /etc/neutron/ovs-default-flows/br-ex`; do
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