Commit 2ab5204a authored by David Johnson's avatar David Johnson

Enable Neutron isolated_metadata support in DHCP server.

(See onap-openstack@93a7067a
.  But the gist is that we want to enable the metadata service on
networks that do not have routers, of course.)
parent 6b04a0d2
......@@ -78,8 +78,11 @@ crudini --set /etc/neutron/dhcp_agent.ini DEFAULT \
if [ "${ML2PLUGIN}" = "openvswitch" ]; then
crudini --set /etc/neutron/dhcp_agent.ini DEFAULT use_namespaces True
#crudini --set /etc/neutron/dhcp_agent.ini DEFAULT dhcp_delete_namespaces True
crudini --set /etc/neutron/dhcp_agent.ini DEFAULT enable_isolated_metadata True
# Enable this by default for >= Ocata; that's all I have tested.
if [ $OSVERSION -ge $OCATA ]; then
crudini --set /etc/neutron/dhcp_agent.ini DEFAULT \
enable_isolated_metadata True
crudini --set /etc/neutron/dhcp_agent.ini DEFAULT verbose ${VERBOSE_LOGGING}
crudini --set /etc/neutron/dhcp_agent.ini DEFAULT debug ${DEBUG_LOGGING}
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