1. 14 May, 2015 1 commit
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      Add a simple openflow-based ARP reply filter. · 635988d8
      David Johnson authored
      This disallows any control net ARP replies emanating from one of
      the physical machines in this experiment, for IP addresses it does
      not own/control (i.e., its own control net addr, or any of the
      public addresses the experimenter asked for).
      I had to use ovs-ofctl and flow rules.  As it turns out, arptables
      does not drop packets --- it merely drops ARP table *entries*.
      This behavior is not what you'd expect, and the man page makes it
      sound like you'll drop packets.  So it's useless to us.
      Since OVS switch-bridges don't support netfilter bridge hooks (i.e.,
      ebtables), we're left to adding openflow drop rules.  Good enough.
  5. 15 Apr, 2015 4 commits
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      Support vlan-based lans. · e46b0a94
      David Johnson authored
      Have to notice that the experiment lans are atop vlans so we can use
      the right regexes to collect info, and so we can save their
      configuration appropriately in our static rewrite of
      /etc/network/interfaces .
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      Optimizations and features for aarch64 default VM image. · 6324156d
      David Johnson authored
      We now have a prebuilt tarball that we download from boss, that
      has sshd, cloud-guest-utils, etc, preinstalled, to save time.  Use
      it by default.
      Also, create (at least) two images by default: trusty-server and
      trusty-server-multi-nic (which has support for up to 8 virtual NICs).
      Turns out Ubuntu distros have horrible support for "variable" NICs;
      if the NIC is listed in /etc/network/interfaces, the setup scripts
      will refuse to generate the right upstart event, which hangs the
      cloud-guest-utils init script for a long, long time.  So I've hacked
      a little service together that notes nonexistent NICs in
      /etc/network/interfaces and fires a fake complete event at the right
      time.  I didn't move this hack into the default image because I don't
      trust it enough.
      Also, create trusty-server first, so the first image is sane.
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      Minor nit. · 83049ae1
      David Johnson authored
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