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  1. 25 Jul, 2019 1 commit
  2. 12 Jun, 2019 2 commits
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      Add python3 support to our various scripts. · 87068c90
      David Johnson authored
      (Note that if the system default python is python2, the call to
      will use python2, so must continue to support python2.  But
      when goes to add ssh keys via the novaclient library, for
      release >= Stein, that is python3.  Thus must also be python3-
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      Stop using m2crypto. · 61f9367f
      David Johnson authored
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  25. 01 Sep, 2017 1 commit
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      Fix bug from the split ctl/nm days; also parse routable_pools "safely". · c8f2eb34
      David Johnson authored
      This was a holdover from the original profile with split ctl and nm
      management nodes.  Now there is just a single ctl node by default, but
      the IPs are still requested tied to the nm node.  So we were ignoring
      the split and the custom naming options.
      Then, the hunk o' perl that was pulling the addrs out of the manifest
      was first just assuming the first cluster manifest had the proper addrs,
      which is wrong; we have to look at all cluster manifests.  Then, we have
      to ensure we are extracting public addrs for the NM node (which in the
      non-split world is the ctl node).
      So now the hunk o' perl is really large and is "safer".
  26. 13 Jan, 2017 1 commit
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  29. 11 Oct, 2016 3 commits
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      Improvements in ovs/linuxbridge iface config and hosts file setup. · 938d5fe0
      David Johnson authored
      Also, I had to change the linuxbridge configuration around.  I'd been
      using statically-configured linux bridges, and I'd assumed I could tell
      Neutron to use them.  Unfortunately, this is sort of true, but not
      enough; from the comments:
       NB: We can only control the name of the external br-ex bridge,
       because only the Neutron linuxbridge driver accepts both a map of
       physical networks to physical interfaces; and physical network to
       bridge names.  Nova assumes that the bridge it must plug a device
       into is named according to the physical network uuid.  Thus, for
       the linuxbridge case, we only setup bridge_mappings for
       br-ex... modulo a flag.  Hopefully in the future they will see the
       sense in allowing static bridge configurations.
      So for now, only br-ex is static; the others are dynamic.  What a pain
      for debugging!  Stupid.
      More importantly, this commit also takes integrates correctly with the
      new Emulab clientside improvements that let the user customize interface
      config and /etc/hosts file generation.  To handle hosts, we create a
      static manifest file that tells Emulab to call an rc.hostnames
      pre-hook.  This hook basically grabs our latest special openstack hosts
      entries, and ensures they make it into /etc/hosts.head, so that
      genhostsfile prepends our special names.  To handle interfaces, we
      further customize /etc/network/interfaces so that Emulab's rc.ifconfig
      only tries to configure interfaces we haven't handled.
      Thus, if the clientside of the disk image the scripts are operating on
      includes the new clientside hookable support, we no longer move
      rc.ifconfig and rc.hostnames out of our way --- we let them run, secure
      in the knowledge that our customizations won't get trampled.
      (All this improvement was necessary so that blockstores and event system
      stuff would work.)
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