Commit f01d129f authored by David Johnson's avatar David Johnson

Try (again) to stomp whatever is changing permissions in gnocchi datadir.

(I can't do this in the systemd service unit file cause the user is
already gnocchi at ExecStartPre.)
parent d6cab87a
......@@ -2938,8 +2938,8 @@ EOF
crudini --set /etc/gnocchi/gnocchi.conf api uwsgi_mode http-socket
systemctl daemon-reload
systemctl enable gnocchi-api
systemctl restart gnocchi-api
chown -R gnocchi:gnocchi /var/lib/gnocchi
systemctl restart gnocchi-api
maybe_install_packages gnocchi-api
......@@ -3170,6 +3170,7 @@ EOF
sleep 4
gnocchi-upgrade --config-file=/etc/gnocchi/gnocchi.conf
# Restart after the upgrades...
chown -R gnocchi:gnocchi /var/lib/gnocchi
service_restart gnocchi-api
ceilometer-upgrade --debug
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