Commit d3e49f40 authored by David Johnson's avatar David Johnson

Support ibm8335 power8 node type.

(Complicated cause of disk images not hidden behind aliases.)
parent f6749708
......@@ -631,6 +631,25 @@ else:
image_tag_cp = '-OSCP'
# XXX: special handling for ppc64le at Clemson because of special disk
# image names, and because only >= Queens is available for them.
if params.osNodeType == 'ibm8335':
image_urn = ''
if params.fromScratch:
image_os = 'UBUNTU18-PPC64LE'
image_tag_cn = image_tag_nm = image_tag_cp = ''
image_os = 'UBUNTU18-PPC'
if params.release not in [ 'queens' ]:
perr = portal.ParameterError(
"You can only run the Queens release (or greater) on `ibm8335` (POWER8) hardware!",
nodes = dict({})
fwrules = [
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