Commit cba8e8bd authored by David Johnson's avatar David Johnson

Bugfix to image URN const: we no longer prebuild OSNM images >= Rocky.

parent 407175e6
......@@ -837,7 +837,14 @@ if params.controllerHost != params.networkManagerHost:
if params.networkManagerDiskImage:
networkManager.disk_image = params.networkManagerDiskImage
networkManager.disk_image = "urn:publicid:IDN+%s+image+%s//%s%s%s" % (image_urn,image_project,image_os,image_tag_nm,image_tag_rel)
nmreltag = image_tag_rel
# If we don't have an image tag, or we are using a standard
# image, there will be no release tag either. The latter case
# is possible because we no longer build OSNM images for >=
# Rocky.
if image_tag_nm == '' or image_tag_nm == '-STD':
nmreltag = ''
networkManager.disk_image = "urn:publicid:IDN+%s+image+%s//%s%s%s" % (image_urn,image_project,image_os,image_tag_nm,nmreltag)
if firewalling and setfwdesire:
i = 0
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