Commit b8143e8d authored by David Johnson's avatar David Johnson

Ugh, do full process of manually adding grafana user.

parent 7ae8b8b7
......@@ -3279,10 +3279,17 @@ if [ $OSVERSION -ge $OSPIKE -a -z "${TELEMETRY_GRAFANA_DONE}" ]; then
# values, then change the password to the one shown to our user in
# the portal UI, same as for OpenStack.
echo "select id from org where id=1" \
| sqlite3 /var/lib/grafana/grafana.db | grep -q 1
if [ ! $? -eq 0 ]; then
echo "replace into 'org' (id,version,name,created,updated) values (1,1,'default',datetime('now'),datetime('now'));" \
sqlite3 /var/lib/grafana/grafana.db
echo "select login from user where login='admin'" \
| sqlite3 /var/lib/grafana/grafana.db | grep -q admin
if [ ! $? -eq 0 ]; then
echo "REPLACE INTO \"user\" VALUES(1,0,'admin','admin@localhost','','38d481956ebbb14985a42acd18859630008cf879076492971a80d7d782a5e8149f87b19f706fc8c98a7329ee4e67c6802f11','knT2WLp6iP','WzhsbIERTc','',1,1,0,'',datetime('now'),datetime('now'),1,datetime('now'));" | sqlite3 /var/lib/grafana/grafana.db
echo "REPLACE INTO \"user\" VALUES(1,0,'admin','admin@localhost','','38d481956ebbb14985a42acd18859630008cf879076492971a80d7d782a5e8149f87b19f706fc8c98a7329ee4e67c6802f11','knT2WLp6iP','WzhsbIERTc',1,1,1,0,'',datetime('now'),datetime('now'),1,datetime('now'));" | sqlite3 /var/lib/grafana/grafana.db
echo "replace into org_user values (1,1,1,'Admin',datetime('now'),datetime('now'));" | sqlite3 /var/lib/grafana/grafana.db
grafana-cli admin reset-admin-password \
--config /etc/grafana/grafana.ini --homepath /usr/share/grafana \
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