Commit 02d04ddb authored by David Johnson's avatar David Johnson

Enable the manila client port_security patch for Rocky/Stein too.

parent 8c53f0d0
......@@ -2370,8 +2370,8 @@ if [ $OSVERSION -ge $OSMITAKA -a -z "${MANILA_DBPASS}" ]; then
# Fix a bug in manila-api. This isn't exactly the right fix, I'm
# sure, but because we default neutron port_security off, it works
# fine for us.
if [ $OSVERSION -eq $OSQUEENS ]; then
patch -p0 -d / < $DIRNAME/etc/manila-queens-port-security-bug.patch
if [ $OSVERSION -ge $OSQUEENS ]; then
patch -p0 -d / < $DIRNAME/etc/manila-${OSCODENAME}-port-security-bug.patch
service_restart manila-scheduler
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