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Approaches to debugging VIBRANT-CloudLab:
Next steps:
- Check for assumptions in vib_client.
- Install vib_enc vdev as passthrough, still no traffic?
- Install vib_enc only at s1 and only do h2 -> h4 pings; run tcpdump on
the three interfaces of s1, and view pcap in wireshark to see whether
traffic is being forwarded.
- If yes, repeat for s0, and s2.
- Recompile bmv2 with debugging / nano output enabled. Check nano logs on h2 -> h4 single ping.
Checked each relevant file in tests/t10/. Did not find any errors.
Controller should be using correct json for each device - a d430 version for the d430,
a pc3000 version for the others.
Mininet experiment t09 works (haven't tested that xterms automatically generate traffic as before - implemented fix in to send the commands via ttyecho as we do in
Collect increasingly detailed symptoms until we spot the problem.
Current status: Packets flow until the encryptors are installed. There are no evident errors thrown by encryptor installation.
We have figured out how to use tee with python: python -u forces unbuffered output so that tee will show it on stdout while writing to a file at the same time. Ran the experiment and did not detect any errors during encryptor vdev installation.
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