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      Updated agilio prep analysis: impact of table limit · 9a6c9d5c
      David Hancock authored
      Current codebase supports the following configurations, where
      the first number is the number of stages supported, and the
      second number is the max number of primitives per stage
      - 2 x 9
      - 3 x 8
      - 4 x 5
      - 5 x 4
      - 6 x 3
      - 8 x 2
      - 9 x 1
      ...as well as any configuration smaller in at least one dimension
      than one of the listed configurations.
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      Note results of action count (const 150 regardless of config) · 149332a7
      David Hancock authored
      Number of actions does not change with hp4's configuration in
      terms of the number of stages and primitives supported.  The
      total number of actions is currently 150 and only changes
      as we modify P4 support.  This number is well under Agilio's
      limit of 256 actions.
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      Create action counter scripts for HP4 configurations · 4ea8ef2c
      David Hancock authored
      Generates all hp4 configurations 1-X by 1-Y, where X is
      the number of stages supported, and Y is the max number
      of primitives per stage supported.  Then counts the
      total number of actions defined per configuration, and
      collects results across all configurations into a .csv.
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      Add test for select(current(x,y)) return statement support · fca54322
      David Hancock authored
      The test reveals that p4_hp4 does not properly handle
      this type of parser return statement yet; ongoing analysis
      is in tests/analysis/test_select.txt.
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      Confirm conditions for running tests / no unwanted output · 49f91cf0
      David Hancock authored
      Unwanted output noted in previous commit was result of forgetting
      that the hp4controller modules had been installed to /usr/local/...
      via setuptools (setup.py in hp4-ctrl), so the modules being
      accessed were not the ones I was modifying in my home directory.
      To more easily modify these files and run tests, instead of
      using setuptools we modify PYTHONPATH in .profile in the home
      directory.  We must also modify sudoers to preserve the
      environment when running commands via sudo, because the
      test requires the use of sudo, because of mininet.
      We should add basic instructions to this effect.
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      Complete initial HP4 test framework functionality · 1b1063ca
      David Hancock authored
      Demo: HP4 running test_hub; two tests:
      - h1 ping h2 (expected: success)
      - h1 ping h3 (expected: fail)
      Both tests return the expected results.
      To run: sudo ./test.py.
      Additional tests may be added with 1-3 files per need:
      - <proj>.p4
      - [<proj>.commands] -- bmv2 runtime table management commands
      - [<proj>.py] -- test cases + mininet script
      If the <proj>.py file is not present, the framework uses
      test_mininet.py with the two tests described above (h1 ping h2,
      h1 ping h3).
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      Change modify_field type to remove conflict w/ action handling · 7466a7b8
      David Hancock authored
      Action handling now involves checking whether
      meta_primitive_state.primitive[+Y+] == 0 between primitives,
      which indicates no further primitives remain, but that value
      was used to indicate a modify_field primitive, so the value
      for modify_field has been changed.
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      Update README · d0900725
      David Hancock authored
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      Delete obsolete targets folder · 9dc6f485
      David Hancock authored
      This folder housed old tests that have long since
      been rendered obsolete by 1) changes to HyPer4;
      and 2) the controller repository (hp4-ctrl:
      Saved two analysis scripts that may yet be useful
      in hp4/analysis.
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      Delete hp4/design · 7eead577
      David Hancock authored
      All files were obsolete, though hp4_design.md may still
      have some interest (but probably only to me).
      This file was nevertheless removed
      from the repo and moved to a local folder for archived
      design analysis.
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      Clean up hp4/analysis · 262a3c66
      David Hancock authored