Commit 3b822681 authored by David Hancock's avatar David Hancock

Fix vibrant eval script bug

Needed to escape '$' in command (starting tcpdump) sent via ttyecho
parent 8188ce37
......@@ -70,8 +70,8 @@ $pause
ttyecho -n $SLICEMGR2 sudo ./client --debug --startup tests/t10/t10_slice2_step1 slice2
echo "NEXT: tcpdump"
fname="t10_"$(cat iface1)"_run_"${RUN}".dump"
ttyecho -n $EVALUATOR sudo tcpdump -i $(cat iface1) -n -s 100 -w $fname &
ttyecho -n $EVALUATOR "sudo tcpdump -i \$(cat /opt/iface1) -n -s 100 -w $fname" &
echo start tcpdump $(date) > t10/t10r$RUN
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