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    Modify t05 to better achieve stated goals · 2c95f667
    David Hancock authored
    Topology has been changed, and two slices are now created.
    Topology now has 5 hosts on s1, 2 hosts on s2, and s1 still
    connected to s2 as before.
    Slice A ('jupiter'):
    - s1 interfaces connected to:
      -- h1, h2, h3
      -- s2
    - all s2 interfaces (connected to h6, h7, and s1)
    Slice B ('saturn'):
    - s1 interfaces connected to h4 and h5.
    This way, we can, say, start an iperf session between h1 and h2,
    while we try things out with h3 connecting to h6/h7 as functions
    are added/removed.  And we can also have a session between
    h4 and h5 and look at the impacts on Slice B while changes are
    made to Slice A.