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    • Eric Eide's avatar
      Replace license symbols with {{{ }}}-enclosed license blocks. · 6df609a9
      Eric Eide authored
      This commit is intended to makes the license status of Emulab and
      ProtoGENI source files more clear.  It replaces license symbols like
      "EMULAB-COPYRIGHT" and "GENIPUBLIC-COPYRIGHT" with {{{ }}}-delimited
      blocks that contain actual license statements.
      This change was driven by the fact that today, most people acquire and
      track Emulab and ProtoGENI sources via git.
      Before the Emulab source code was kept in git, the Flux Research Group
      at the University of Utah would roll distributions by making tar
      files.  As part of that process, the Flux Group would replace the
      license symbols in the source files with actual license statements.
      When the Flux Group moved to git, people outside of the group started
      to see the source files with the "unexpanded" symbols.  This meant
      that people acquired source files without actual license statements in
      them.  All the relevant files had Utah *copyright* statements in them,
      but without the expanded *license* statements, the licensing status of
      the source files was unclear.
      This commit is intended to clear up that confusion.
      Most Utah-copyrighted files in the Emulab source tree are distributed
      under the terms of the Affero GNU General Public License, version 3
      Most Utah-copyrighted files related to ProtoGENI are distributed under
      the terms of the GENI Public License, which is a BSD-like open-source
      Some Utah-copyrighted files in the Emulab source tree are distributed
      under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License, version 2.1
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    • Leigh B Stoller's avatar
      Improve cross referencing between geni-cm and emulab datbases. · f1a659b8
      Leigh B Stoller authored
      Add a datetime form to the shownodehistory we page so that a testbed
      admin can plug in a specific date, and find out what that node was
      doing at the time. Changes in the backend (node_history script) to
      support this. Note that the table is hard to seach for such a case,
      and so need to let node_history do its thing and then port process the
      records list. Unfortunately, the timestamps are unsigned ints, but
      perl does not handle those properly, so had to pull in Math::BigInt to
      deal with it.
      On the output page, include a link to the genihistory page if a node
      was part of a slice.
      On the genihistory page, add a new argument, slice_uuid, to look for
      the records for a specific slice.
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    • Leigh B Stoller's avatar
      First attempt at fixing deadlock when stitching. This happens if both · 3cdbe5f7
      Leigh B Stoller authored
      sides try to stitch at the same time. One side has to back off and let
      the other proceed. The problem is with the slice locking, which had to
      be changed to allow one side to drop the lock so the other side could
      proceed. I ended up doing this with an additional stitching lock, used
      only when stitching.
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    • Leigh B. Stoller's avatar
      A bunch of changes for a "standalone" clearinghouse. Presently this · 60f04310
      Leigh B. Stoller authored
      its really a hugely stripped down Emulab boss install, using a very
      short version of install/boss-install to get a few things into place.
      I refactored a few things in both the protogeni code and the Emulab
      code, and whacked a bunch of makefiles and configure stuff. The result
      is that we only need to install about 10-12 files from the Emulab
      code, plus the protogeni code. Quite manageable, if you don't mind
      that it requires FreeBSD 6.X ... Still, I think it satisfies the
      requirement that we have a packaged clearinghouse that can be run
      standalone from a running Emulab site.
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