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      Minor change to previous revision. · 8905ab2e
      Leigh B Stoller authored
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      Remove use of freenodes.csv download from clusters. Instead, use the · 5e304942
      Leigh B Stoller authored
      data collected by the portal_monitor (ListResources), which now updates
      the apt_aggregate_nodetypes type with the count/free info for each of
      the types found in the advertisement.
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      A couple of changes to the apt daemon that I did a while back: · 6db95f98
      Leigh B Stoller authored
      1. Kill canceled instances; we allow users to "terminate" an instance
         while it is booting up, but we have to pend that till the lock is
         released. We do this with a canceled flag, similar to the Classic
         interface. But I never committed the apt_daemon changes that look for
         canceled instances and kills them!
      2. Look for stale st/lt datasets and delete them. A stale dataset is one
         that no longer exists at the remote cluster (cause its expiration was
         reached and it was reaped). We do not get notification at the Portal,
         and so those dangling datasets descriptors sit around confusing
         people (okay, confusing me and others of a similar vintage).
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      Several sets of changes scattered across all these files. · 0f4a4dfb
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      * More on issue #54; watch for openstack experiments and try to download
        the new openstack stats file via the fast XMLRPC path. Show this as a
        text blob in a new tab on the status page, still need to graph the data.
        The apt_daemon handles the periodic request for the data (every 10
        minutes), which we store in the apt_instances table.
      * Addition for Rob on the admin extend page; Add a "more info" button that
        sends the contents of the text box as an email message requesting more
        info and stores that in the ongoing interaction log. Responses from the
        user are not stored though, might look at that someday.
      * Another addition for Rob; on the extensions list page, also show expired,
        locked down experiments. Note the sorting; at the top of the list are
        actual extension request (status='ready') while the bottom of the list
        are status='expired'.
      * Add a "graphs" tab to the status page, which shows the same idle stats
        graphs that were added to the admin extend page. Most of this change is
        refactoring the code and sharing it between the two pages.
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      Minor tweaks to imaging support: · f6d48f9c
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      1. Use distinct imaging-failed status to indicate a failure, instead of
         leaving instance in imaging.
      2. Leave the refresh button enabled so that user can refresh the instance,
         and if the backend sliver is "ready" then switch the instance back to
      3. The snapshot loop now does the same as above; tell the user the imaging
         failed, but move the instance back to ready if the sliver is ready.
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