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    • Kirk Webb's avatar
      Add custom module offset hack for snmpit_h3c (Comware) module · 0e672400
      Kirk Webb authored
      The hard-coded per-model offsets aren't always correct.  Need to deal
      with this in a different way, but this is a quick hack to move things along
      with the Utah stitcher aggregate.
    • Leigh B Stoller's avatar
      Directory based image paths. · 3a21f39e
      Leigh B Stoller authored
      Soon, we will have images with both full images and deltas, for the same
      image version. To make this possible, the image path will now be a
      directory instead of a file, and all of the versions (ndz,sig,sha1,delta)
      files will reside in the directory.
      A new config variable IMAGEDIRECTORIES turns this on, there is also a check
      for the ImageDiretories feature. This is applied only when a brand new
      image is created; a clone version of the image inherits the path it started
      with. Yes, you can have a mix of directory based and file based image
      When it is time to convert all images over, there is a script called
      imagetodir that will go through all image descriptors, create the
      directory, move/rename all the files, and update the descriptors.
      Ultimately, we will not support file based image paths.
      I also added versioning to the image metadata descriptors so that going
      forward, old clients can handle a descriptor from a new server.
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    • Kirk Webb's avatar
      Update Force10 module to dynamically determine size of PortSet vectors. · 8a20f444
      Kirk Webb authored
      It's clear from the various Force10 switches and firmware versions
      that we've seen now that the vlan membership PortSet bit
      vector size can vary widely.  This variation even happens between
      different versions of firmware on the same switch!  So, now we
      detect this dynamically when the backend force10 snmpit object is
      instantiated (in readifIndex()).
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    • Mike Hibler's avatar
      Hopefully eliminate race in exports_setup when waiting for mountd to finish. · 031b174c
      Mike Hibler authored
      Changed mountd to write the current timestamp into /var/run/mountd.ts
      whenever it has finished processing all exports files. So someone who
      HUPs/USR1s mountd can check and see when the timestamp changes.
      We use this in exports_setup.proxy to ensure we do not return before
      mountd has completed parsing and effecting changes. Since I am too lazy
      to check the before and after values of the timestamp, I just remove that
      file just before signalling, and then wait for it to reappear to signify
      that mountd is done.
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