1. 24 Apr, 2017 1 commit
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      New genilib-editor refactoring. Various bugfixes. · f673e2f8
      Jonathon Duerig authored
      Fix error-handling errors.
      Make the waitwait modal non-dismissable everywhere.
      The new genilib-editor is now a kind of mega-modal which can live in both the show-profile and modify_profile pages. It is read-only in the former case and read/writable in the latter.
      All of the form-submitting stuff that recent ajaxification broke has been stripped out. It is now a pure editor that notifies the surrounding page of changes when you click on 'accept'.
  3. 28 Dec, 2016 1 commit
    • Leigh B Stoller's avatar
      Slight change to geni-lib portal wrap; requesting to dump param defs · 44b17a4d
      Leigh B Stoller authored
      does not result in immediate termination. Instead we dump the params
      defs to a different file now, and continue on to spit the rspec to the
      output file. This complicates returning back to ops though, since now we
      have two file. So I elected to do a cheesy tar pack/unpack on the return
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      Add geni-lib script parameter warnings/errors, groups, helpdocs. · c201620c
      David Johnson authored
      (The bulk of the code is in the parameter form formatter/decorator JS
      code; I only applied it to the wizard for now... but it's
      straightforward to copy it into the old parameter code ;))
      The portal can now render the parameter form in much more complex ways.
      It supports a notion of advanced parameter groups, a panel containing
      parameters that is closed by default but expandable; generic parameter
      groups; per-parameter detailed helpdocs in an expandable subpanel (and
      an expand-all-help link that will also expand all the parameter group
      panels), and error messages and warnings.  A summary of both errors and
      warnings is displayed at the top of the form, and specific error message
      details are displayed near parameters.  The error message display is
      flexible to generic user messages -- basically if the error is a proper
      geni-lib portal error/warning, but not a parameter error/warning, it
      will be displayed at the top of the parameter form (along with any
      others).  If it's an "improper" one, we'll still do our best to display
      it.  If you warn a user, you can provide a set of parameter values that
      "fix" the warning, and the Portal UI will change the form values and
      tell the user it did so.  You can't do this on error; the assumption is
      the user has to fix the error.
      Finally, the portal now tries to rungenilib in warnings-are-fatal mode
      the first time parameter bind (to generate rspec) is attempted.  If they
      go backwards to re-parameterize, warnings should be fatal again.  It's
      too hard to figure out when we should stop warnings-fatal mode; we can't
      block the user's progress if they really want to proceed in the face of
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