Commit df5dac5d authored by Ryan Jackson's avatar Ryan Jackson

Oops. Fix typo in query

parent 4ecf05d0
......@@ -162,7 +162,7 @@ query_bootinfo_db(struct in_addr ipaddr, char *node_id, int version,
/* Get boot drive from DB */
res2 = mydb_query("select attrvalue from node_attributes as a, nodes as n, interfaces as i where "
"i.IP = '%s' and i.node_id = n.node_id and n.type = a.type and a.attrkey = 'bootdisk_bios_id';",
"i.IP = '%s' and i.node_id = n.node_id and n.node_id = a.node_id and a.attrkey = 'bootdisk_bios_id';",
1, inet_ntoa(ipaddr));
if (!res2) {
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