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    Updating alpine container to include tcsh · 4e7e0fe0
    Elijah Grubb authored
    I was able to get the alpine package maintainers
    to merge in a patch for tcsh that fixed the out
    of memory issues when attempting to use it as seen
    here: https://github.com/alpinelinux/aports/pull/3302.
    This commit has been lightly hand tested and basic
    tcsh features appear to work. There are some failures
    on alpine with the tcsh regression test suite which
    can be seen here: http://tpaste.us/L6R4.
    Associated symlinks that replaced tcsh with bash have
    been removed as a result of this update.
    Squashed commit of the following:
    commit dc2fc6ddbb1b1815907fabbf40764884a2805761
    Author: Elijah Grubb <u0894728@utah.edu>
    Date:   Tue Feb 27 15:08:14 2018 -0700
        Removed unnecessary symlink
    commit 0d974c183f6e27a8c069221f3a898b1edf490d8f
    Author: Elijah Grubb <u0894728@utah.edu>
    Date:   Tue Feb 27 13:54:54 2018 -0700
        Readding hopefully fixed tcsh
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