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    Built out emulabizatization of docker alpine · 134e809f
    Elijah Grubb authored
    The organization of the code follows the guidelines set by the
    ubuntu version extremely closely. Big differences to notice are
    some of the package name changes switching from apt-get to apk,
    the requirement of the --disable-ssl flag when running the configure
    command for pubsub and the methodology required to build a custom
    apk package to use our custom runit. Apk has lots of issues and
    argues against building a new .apk package as root, so
    runit-artifacts.sh creates a new user, gives them super user permissions,
    adds them to the abuild group and runs the runit-packager.sh script
    as this new user. Design of this solution was focused on doing as
    much as possible while remaining in root. Enjoy!
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