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    Three changes: · 27340905
    Leigh B Stoller authored
    1. Fix up multi architecture code wrt auxtypes (say, pvcm). I was
       failing to treat "d710-vm" as a node with a specified type, and so
       were doing multiple mapper runs with different architectures. This is
       cause an auxtype is not really a first class type object, but it is
       now, enough to recognize it as such.
       Aside; vtypes are still a potential problem, need to give this more
    2. Use the reservation MaxSwapInMap() to determine if the request is
       asking for more nodes of a specific type then allowed; do not bother
       to run assign, bail right away. We can do this we now track how many
       nodes of a specific type have been requested, for the multi
       architecture stuff. So might as well put to another good use.
       This close issue #236.
    3. Add reservation system information dump to resinfo.log for post
       mortem debugging.
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